IIIIIII Artificial Intelligence in New Media IIIIIIII (2011)

Curated by wcryzer
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This exhibit is made up of artworks that use computer generated forms of artificial intelligence in various applications. Each form of artificial intelligence in this exhibition involves some form of interaction with a human through different interfaces. There is an increasing interest in artificial intelligence and interaction with that intelligence, which is why I felt it timely to create this exhibition of artificial intelligence in new media. Below is a brief description of each piece. THE WRENCH The Wrench is an interactive form of artificial intelligence that uses a programmed version of the personality of Tino, the protagonist from the Italian novel, entitled The Wrench, to have an interactive dialogue through text messages. THE SELF ORGANISING ARTIST An artist blog that focuses on Artificual Intelligence in conjunction with interaction on several scales. TELEPHONES Telephones address the increasing use of artificially intelligent robots that we interact with over the phone. The project focuses on sex-bots or automated sex hotline robots. ASK ARNOLD! 'Ask Arnold!' is an artificially intelligent javascript chatterbot that is based on 'Ask Arnold', which allows a dialogue between users and an artificial version of the governator. THE SMILE PROJECT The Smile Project is the only artwork I have featured that uses a physical housing or robot body for its artificial intelligence. The robots in the Smile Project change their facial expression/mood based on reception of human stimuli. PROCESSING GESTURE PG-9 Processing Gesture (PG-9) creates computer art through human interaction with 9 interfaces made to receive and translate movement into digital information.

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