Collective Journal (2011)

Curated by temricha
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Many people go through similar experiences in life. And many people like do document their life. In doing so, there are a variety of ways of recording one's own history. IN this exhibition I have collected a group of artist that have made diaries. There are collective diaries from many people in a participatory piece, and there are journals of one's own experience. Each have found a way to document their life, some used photography, others used a hypertext format, and some used a blog. In ARTWORK 1, Turns, the community collected different stories of people's turns in life. They then made a life map and journal out of all the community's stories. In ARTWORK 2, House of Memories, is a website that have collected memories from different users in different forms to make a collective diary. In ARTWORK 3, ( the photographic-diary project), the diary is in the form of an experimental project using photographs. This photographs were taken everyday for a year and made into a sort of animation. In ARTWORK 4, Tea Blog, Ellie Harrison wrote down her thoughts whenever she drank tea. This turned into a collective thought diary over the span of three years. In ARTWORK 5, Stone Days, is a collection of days that Barbara Todd had for a year. Her diary is in the form of different collected stones. And the final piece, Collected Visions, is a website that had users submit different parts of their life. This diary included different experiences, such as encounters with AIDS, and also submissions of photographs. These pieces all come together to make one big collective journal of the lives and experiences of many different people.

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