Shared Experiences. (2011)

Curated by sallysu
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Whether it is love, loss, realization, or an adventure, we all have experiences we wish to share with others. Despite how different our stories may be, there is always something we can relate to. A glimpse into someone else's life, is a glimpse into ours. The unique factor to all of these works is that they are all personal and engaging. For example, [LoveStoryProject] puts together an interactive site where a user can browse through clips that people around the world have to say about love. The documentary style of the clips enhances the viewing experience as it creates a sense of legitimacy. These are actual opinions one is watching. 30 Days of Rain is one many can related to. Through a series of haiku's, one can gather the artist's mood during the month in which she prepares to leave San Francisco. The use of interactive flash puts us in her position as we flip through the days of her calendar, knowing it will not be long before she must leave. 30 Days of Rain is more than a story about leaving home, it is a story about holding onto one's memories, but also learning how to let go without giving up the memories tied to a place. All Horizons, is a piece which is the most different from the rest because it lacks a story. However, by compiling over a hundred photos of different locations across the world, one can gain a sense of the environment in which many stories take place. T U R N S consists of guest submitted epiphanies or tales of sudden turn of events in life. A Camp, eh inspires others to find unique ways of documenting simple moments with friends and finding a unique way to retell it. Everything about our lives are associated with our experiences and of the experiences of those we know. Sometimes it is good to just sit down and reminiscence. One should never be too busy to not have time to reflect.

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