Random Chances. (2011)

Curated by Lucy_Salguero
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For this exhibition, I have picked out five artworks that have been created by randomness and chance. They have been created using technology like photography or software. The randomness found in each of these works is color. For all of the artworks, the colors shown are not selected individually by the artist, but at random. Bill Viola brings up this idea of being able to get different point of views on things when they are not viewed in order. These five artworks make us process the art not with our eyes, but with our brain. *-ARTWORK 1: The Deus Digitalis is an animation that was created by flash. The dancing human figures change to 25 random color patterns one by one. There will never be an identical color figure next to each other. *-ARTWORK 2: The ColourMetrics are space drawn graphic waves made by random camera movements. By capturing movements at different timings and with different frames, colors and lights are being created at random. *-ARTWORK 3: The Analitik Loops is created by a combination of the movements of images that are randomly multiplied and moved. 50% of the movements are random so it will be changing often. *-ARTWORK 4: IP Monochrome was created to give the user a random and unique individual reference color. IP is coded in numbers but for this work they used the RGB values. The monochrome is generated on the website so you cannot guess what you will be given. *-ARTWORK 5: Rally is a flash movie of random colored grids. Each square changes colors randomly when you click on it and once that color has changed it won't appear again. The last color on the grid "wins", it would be hard to know what color would last the longest.

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