Player Created Art (2010)

Curated by Wade Hribar
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With new digital media a new breed of artists have arisen. These new artists are the players in video games. They may not seem the sort, but video games have given an opening for them to express themselves in an established community of gamers by creating a world with tools to allow the player to create machinima or even game content itself. Some may claim that the gamer can not be an artist, but there are many reasons that claim they are. I do admit that not every player is an artist, but there are some that go beyond enjoying a game to wanting to create a piece of art. The two most common forms of their game art are machinima and creating additional game content for others to enjoy. Machinima is a short film that is created in game and acted out by avatars (the characters in the game). The other main form of video game art is taking the video game and creating additional content or in other words, modifying the game with user made content. This exhibition traverses different pieces of video game art in Second Life. The art that will be covered is as mentioned above, machinima and player created content. SL is great game to show off player created artwork because it is actually a world created by the player for the player. What I mean by this is that Second Life is an open world where the player buys property and builds whatever they want in it to then show off to the rest of community to interact with.

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