Lexy is curating an exhibition. (2010)

Curated by almaltma
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According to Ben Davis, “the question of art and social media actually involves an opposition between two different fields, with different logics: a relatively exclusive, closed-in type of expression vs. a relatively open, relation-based mode of operation” The goal of this exhibition is to convey not art as social media, or vice versa, but utlilize Davis’ theory in that art can relate to social media as a way of “navigating the tension between them” (Davis). The following artistic representations explore humor as a tension between art and a branch of social media, social networking. Lee Walton's project "What my Friends are Doing on Facebook" sets the tone for this exhibition by creating almost a mockery of what social networking has become today. Whether via Twitter, Facebook, or Myspace, social networking communication has tended to embody somewhat of an egotistical pathway for people of all ages to share information about themselves. The exponential expansion of social networking in the past ten years has dominated social and new media to an extent that I feel these artists are able to depict, if not a mockery or illustration of unnecessary , a frustration with the diminishing art with social media. Lastly, the youth of today are becoming more and more enveloped in the method of communication via social networking. Danah Boyd notes in his essay “Why Youth (Heart) Social Network Sites” that most social networking sites targeted youth from the very beginning, with youth remaining the largest percentage of users still today. I believe the domination of social media in youth’s lives is rewiring the roots of social interaction between people in that increasing amounts of interaction are becoming technological, and have begun to replace true personal and social interaction. I will explain different aspects of each piece of artwork and how they relate to the complex world of social networking.

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