Overload. (2010)

Curated by achin21
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This exhibition is about googlization and the data obesity which has become a main part of our society. Each of the artworks displayed show how anyone is able to upload their own ideas onto the internet and make it publicly available to the rest of the world. "WIkiweb" and "Hello World! or: How I Learned To Stop Listening and Love the Noise" are great examples of data obesity. WIkiweb shows the endless web that can be created from Wikipedia links. Since Wikipedia does not check for credibility before allowing users to post on the website, posts on the Wikipedia continue to increase. Hello World also represents data obesity on the web by starting with a single voice and turning it into a wide variety of voices which quickly becomes noise. The quote "How I Learned to Stop Listening and Love the Noise" symbolizes how the web is quickly becoming a massive amount of data but only a fraction of that data is information that can be used or processed by humans. 15x15 is similar to Hello World! by showing how anyone can be seen on the web just by uploading a video of themselves. It allows everyone to be "famous for 15 seconds." Windows Real and SL Dumpster demonstrate that because of technology, almost anything can be considered art. This draws a connection to Wikipedia by showing that anyone is able to upload anything and it will be viewed by someone online and it may or may not be viewed as a credible source of information. SL Dumpster demonstrates the ability for people to create art out of any application available to them on a computer and the dumpster itself symbolizes the amount of data that can be considered "trash" online.

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