Infinite space (2010)

Curated by dhofnor
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One factor that several of our course readings which deal with the perceived dangers of various aspects of cyberspace share is that they make mention of the sheer amount of space and material that is both readily and potentially available. Each author registers their own individual complaints, but although they may not explicitly acknowledge it, the size of this space is quite likely an underlying base of their fears. Large, nigh un-chartable spaces, such as an ocean or our solar system, historically invoke awe, curiosity and/or existential terror within us. Cyberspace, it seems, is no exception. What these readings, as a whole, attempt to do is open the average user's eyes to the suicidal (in a mental/cultural sense as opposed to a physical one) exploration they are undertaking through their interactions with this space. The purpose of this exhibit is to display familiar manifestations of this type of space and the overwhelming, primordial emotions they invoke so that the viewer may draw parallels to the fears expressed in these readings. Whether or not their warnings are justified or comparable to superstitions of sailing off the edge of the earth remains to be seen.

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