The World is Made by You (2010)

Curated by vchang
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While we can all be said to live on planet Earth, we cannot all be said to be living in the same “world.” The world a person lives in is different for every person, for some it is the scope of what one can see or touch, for others it is the accumulation of the world perceived by travels all over the globe, and yet for still others it is metaphysical, encompassing all that surrounds a career or a pastime. But even those who live in what seem like the same world, seeing the exact same things can be in truth inhabiting starkly different worlds by virtue of how they interpret what they see touch and feel. Ultimately what can be said, is that “the” world and all the other worlds it contains is unique to each and every person, built upon perceptions that are equally so. The internet stands as a testament to this concept, with networks that entire lives are based upon, to holding dens of artists, to the vast and ever expanding worlds of massive multiplayer games in which people form new identities, new economies, all separate from the physical world they live in. It is the gift that the internet has in reinforcing the idea that your world is what you make of it that has lead me to the theme of my exhibit The World is Made by You. All of the selected pieces in this exhibit display some portrayal of a world unique to the individual, whether it is by preconceptions or by traversals custom made by users through data.

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