Through Their Eyes (2010)

Curated by Alyssa Nelson
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The theme of this exhibit is more complex than just a selection of artworks that have to do with cities. These works stood out to me because they illustrate places that people look at everyday but don’t really see. The artists provide different ways to map out certain cities and have the viewers see different sides of it. The first piece called Virtual City is a representation of different cities in the same style. The artist chose subjects depicted in different types of art and combined them into one image. He sees different cities but he can represent them with this style alone. The place doesn’t matter but the activities do. My Washington Square uses an interesting method for mapping out the area and tying personal experiences into each place. The artist lets the viewers contribute with their own stories and it makes the site very amusing. By navigating on your own, the theme is emphasized because you don’t know what will come up next. New York City Map is special because it brings the sounds of the city to the viewer. Each depiction of a place in New York is altered to make the view personal to the artist. The navigation of the page simulates walking around without a destination. It is well known that that is the best way to explore. brooklyn01 is also interactive site that provides images from the city to view in the artists’ way. Viewing this piece, one can put his or herself in a random spot somewhere very far way. You can choose to view a monument or choose to wander and look at fences and cars passing. It is a filtered view but at least you can see it through someone else's eyes. The last piece, TimesSquare is like an HTML collage. Using webcams the artist created shots of Times Square that capture the lights and business of the area. Forming these images into cubes ties into the title and the interactiveness keeps up with the new media evolution. These pieces open our eyes to other places and the different ways in which they can be seen. They all include navigation and incorporate real art into the mix with some of the image manipulations. All of these works tell me to not just look, but see.

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