Film 20C Project (2010)

Curated by Laura
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Borges is an advocate of non-linear thought with his idea of infinite possibilities instead of strict organization. This theory is highlighted in his “Garden of Forking Paths” as the meaning of this reading includes the idea that all possible outcomes of an event happen at the same time. More specifically, each choice one makes leads to a whole new set of possibilities. All the paths that diverge eventually come back to one another because of a different chain of causes. Therefore, there is no point where one has to choose one option or the other because everything is connected, so when you are making a decision you are choosing all the possibilities. As Borges points out, “the HTML is the labyrinth”. Thus, things are not always as they seem. Each aspect of my exhibit has to do with the theme of Borges and his ideologies reflected through “Garden of Forking Paths”. Starting with ENIGMATICA we see the many different possibilities through the combination of light, sound, and space. Next, Let’s Make Sure Everything Is A allows the user to manipulate the set space in whichever way they please. Though similar to Manovich’s “Soft Cinema” with its plethora of possibilities within set parameters by the author, this piece still has an emphasis on choice. ColourMetrics shows many different products of playing around with camera movements and how light can be captured in many different ways. This theme of infinity follows through with Ballentine (OpenLayers API applied) with its emphasis on the fact that digital images can be endless in size. Finally, and most importantly in this exhibit, ThingPit directly shows Borges’ concept as the creation may look like a wall at first, but viewers go down the “rabbit hole” once the brick wall caves in going through an entire process of multiple images and finally ending up at a reformed brick wall. With all the different images, it is as if all possible choices are present and thus, we end up looking back at the wall. Every piece within my exhibit has some aspect of endless possibility, whether it is through combination, manipulation, camera movement, light, size, or even a path. What Borges tries to point out is that not only are there endless possibilities, but everything is connected and continuous. Each piece listed here portrays this point in their own different ways and as one experiences each artwork, they are experiencing Borges’ main point and ideology.

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