We don't have to show you no stinking artist statement. (2004)

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Artists! Try to forget the very notion of 'art.' Forget those silly fetishes -- artefacts that are imposed [on] you by suppressive system[s] you were obliged to refer your creative activity to. Theorists! Stop pretending that you are not artists. Your will to obtain power [over] people [by] seducing them with intellectual speculations is very obvious (though understandable). But [a] realm of pure and genuine communication is much more appealing and is becoming very possible nowadays. Media artists! Stop manipulat[ing] people with your fake 'interactive media installations' and 'intelligent interfaces!' You are very close to the idea of communication, closer than artists and theorists! Just get rid of your ambitions and don't regard people as idiots, [unfit] for creative communication. Today you can find those that can affiliate [with] you on [an] equal level. If you want of course.<br><br> - Alexei Shulgin (1996)<br><br>

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