Conceptual art and technology (2010)

Curated by Ying Lu
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I am very interested about conceptual art with technology. A Long time ago, conceptual art usually was shown as a picture, drawing, or performance, but these days it changed to technology; People use technology such as a computer to show their work. In conceptual art the idea or concept is the most important aspect of the work. When an artist uses a conceptual form of art, it means that all of the planning and decisions are made before hand and the execution is perfunctory affair the idea becomes a machine that makes the art (Sol LeWitt). Examples of artists who do this are Scott Blake, Mattia Casalegno, Lucas Kuzma, Sloan Jason, Rafael Rozendaal, and judsoN. Some of the works of the art seems simple, but I can tell they put much planning and researching in their work. I want to share these ideas with other people and think about how people made conceptual art using technology. most of Conceptual Art is idea that we have never thought about before. Actually it is a small idea, and we also can use technology to make things more interesting than if we just used photos, or drawing. All of this is because of the strong relationship between conceptual art and technology.

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