Rhizome Member Exhibitions
Presenting new media in innovative and challenging ways is a key part of Rhizome's mission. Throughout our history, Rhizome has organized exhibitions online and also in the galleries of partner spaces, including our affiliate the New Museum of Contemporary Art. Rhizome also invites our community to organize online exhibitions from our online archive, the ArtBase.
Recent member exhibitions

Jared Berkowitz explores self identity within modernity!

Curated by jmberkow

Living within a modern society, commercialization of the world around us has become commonplace. Due to the plethora of knowledge which is newly available through the internet and other forms of mass media, the way we absorb and retain information ...


The universality of the human figure

Curated by Stormchaser92

Scott McCloud once stated that "The Universality of cartoon imagery. The more cartoony a face is, for instance, the more people it could be said to describe." The fact that people can see themselves in something as simple as a ...

Representations of Reality

The SPectacle

Curated by Pineapple_Jedi

The concept of the Spectacle which Guy Deboard outlines in, The Society of the Spectacle, is one that I believe each college student and every person should read at least once in their lives (college especially). Deboard published the work ...