Fragmented Flows (2014)

Fragmented Flows is an ongoing project by Laura Yuile that will make a number of appearances in different guises in order to investigate, understand and discuss the nature of flows and how they may be arrested, fragmented, redirected or transformed.

Full Description

Fragmented Flows will pose questions of the flows of energy and materials that the things of the world depend upon, and the relationship between these movements and circulations and the particular forms that they cause to emerge. Understanding ourselves as being in the midst of a transition from a time-bound experience of the world to a fragmented space-bound experience in which the internet moves further and further offline, Fragmented Flows will explore the shifting forms of our increasingly pixelated reality and historical perceptions. As visual interfaces merge with our environment, entire days spent sat in front of a desktop computer fade away and we become less and less conscious of the act of using technology. Action becomes self-documentation, and a growing tension persists between how our human bodies interact with flows of material processes, and how our personality and identity manifests and remains in cultural and state documents and archives – both on- and offline. Fragmented Flows will consider how institutions, bureaucracies and hierarchical structures determine, process and control these energy and material flows throughout time and space; with this website functioning as a continually evolving work in progress that will leave un/edited and post produced traces of it's working process as the project progresses.

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