Voxels (2001)

Voxels is a VRML environment in which sound and geometric shapes work together as one moves through the artificial 3D environment.

Full Description

Voxels is an web-based interactive VRML work that utilizes and incorporates spatialized 3d sound with vector 3d-graphics to communicate a simple aesthetic environment . Conceptually it is a plaything, by manipulating the "boxes" or "voxels" the user turns off and on 3d sounds
and as such creates their own sound environment. The sound levels of this virtual world are altered by the user via the many permutations and combinations of audio loops that are attached to the faces of the cubes. This environment then invades the users' real world via their computer audio output and thusly extends the virtual world into the real and allows for an immersive experience.

To further push the experiential nature of this piece the user is also able to manipulate their sound environment by moving their own virtual point-of-view. By navigating the virtual space the user can create other levels of aural experiences based on position as well as simple on/off manipulation. This gives them a sense of self and a direct feedback loop to their real-world experience as they hear the sounds change as they move.

The stark aesthetic is deliberate in attempting to impede interference from visual cues and does not attempt to pre-program the users level of interaction. It has a simplicity in its interface that crosses technical and computer-phobic boundaries creating an interface that is easily accessible.

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