[phage] (downloadable app for the PC) (2000)

Phage is a PC based application that transforms a hard drive's data into a graphical and textual interface obscuring the expected presentation of information.

Full Description

[phage] is a computer application which is viral-- an artificial life form.

[phage] filters through all available material on a specified workstation and places it in an alternate context-a visible and audible moving 3D spatialized computer world. I encourage this virus lifeform to spread via email (but only by the consent of the host).

[phage] explores a workstation's architecture and creates a poetics of the computer as an autonomous object, with host data as material for creative fodder. The name [phage] refers to a bacteriophage-a constructive human virus that preys on harmful bacteria. [phage] creates new living sculptures from our own data; she/he eradicates gender notions an foundations in the life creating process.

With this project I seek to counteract traditionally masculine paradigms of the technological age. [phage] creates a feminist map of the machine through its non-hierarchical organization and its divorce of creative control (and reproductive control) from the user to the machine. [phage] allows the user to experience his or her computer memory as a palimpsest of life experience rather than understand the computer as simply a tool for daily use. By mapping a user's unique experiences- through images,downloads, web sites visited, emails-it will create spatial memory maps that not only reflect the computer and technoculture in content, but the user's artifacts from his or her interactions, exploring ideas of public, private, and memory through the process.

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