Pedestrian: Walking as Meditation and the Lure of Everyday Objects (1997)

A meditation on perception and place, "Pedestrian" explores the capacity of ordinary objects to trigger altered states of memory and reverie. A series of loosely connected episodes examine particular intersections of place, time and substance. "Pedestrian" employs the mundane to reveal the magical.

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Pedestrian is an art work for the Web which evokes the resonance of urban space through the experience of walking, and in an encounter with ordinary objects. A meditation on perception and place, Pedestrian explores the capacity of the commonplace to trigger memory and reverie. A walk through the City becomes the vehicle for a meditation on space, time and human interaction.

Pedestrian is composed of two regions: "The Reverie of Space" and "The Reverie of Objects". Each region provides a distinct visual and narrative experience through the interplay of text, [moving] images and sound. "Reverie of Space" explores the social dynamics of eye contact, muses about the fluid relationship of time and space, examines words as the visual background of urban culture, and celebrates the magic of night. "Reverie of Objects" investigates commodities and consumption, and the suprising transformation of humble or debased objects through reverie.

Each of these "urban fictions" reflects the experience of navigating a charged metropolitan space. The "urban fictions" of Pedestrian celebrate the complexity and unpredictibility of urban space and recreates that dynamism in virtual space. In its own cheerful chaos and diverse profusion, the Web is perhaps the ultimate City.

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