b.ALT.ica (2001)

by 5898

Is Baltica a place? A state of mind? How do I get there? As the site says "Free your mind and the rest will follow..."

Full Description

SINGLE, structurally equal to ALL and endless in the microstructure is showing the totality and breakness of INTIMA in her mirror image. ONE, split into TWO is compatible with the life of INTIMA. The magic structure of ONE and the obsession with the individuality inspires the ritual beauty of polarity which is shown on the altar of art. The Story about INTIMA is presented by a mathematical microstructure.

The circle is drawn and in the circle there is a whole world.

There is a world of the COSMOS and a world of the ATOM, but INTIMA is the zone of their co-existence.


"b.ALT.ica" http://www2.arnes.si/~ljintima1/baltica

baltica = dedicated to my father, because this is the place where he lives now. ///// franjo stromajer: 1943 - 1997 \

0.0.1.: baltica: the land at the end of time. this is beyond. and this is XY emotional.

0.0.2.: no communication / no communism [*.com]

0.0.3.: was ist kunst? was ist nicht kunst?

0.0.4.: radar view: the sky over baltica [uncensored]

0.0.5.: no-time zone [00:00:00]

0.0.6.: how often do you? describe your.

0.0.7.: ubject of the dream, an neral that of the faculty of sense-perc uently find themselves enga

0.0.8.: http://the.definition.of/net.art

0.0.9.: baltica virus [version 2.1] activation time: 24 hours

0.1.0.: the last mind game.txt

0.1.1.: WhereHaveAllTheFlowersGone.exe [don't hurt me # every time you say goodbye i die a little # imagine there's no heaven # i love you # follow me # sometimes it's hard to be a woman]

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