multiple_dwelling (2001)

by 3781

Using CuseeMe video-conferencing, Realaudio broadcasting and other assorted hi/lo tech tools, Fakeshop attempts to build an electronic theatrical device surrounding the subject of public-media as personal-memory.

Full Description

Fakeshop presents:

                   MULTIPLE DWELLING
                   A Performative Installation with Remote Data Hookup Three
                   Saturdays in June
                   June 6, 13, 20, 1998
                   8 pm
                   duration: 4 hours

                   MULTIPLE DWELLING is an installation project which will
                   exist simultaneously in a real, physically-constructed space and
                   an artificial, digitally-generated one. It is a techno-poetic
                   response to the theories of Antonin Artaud, Delueze/Guattari
                   and The Critical Art Ensemble on the concept of a "Body
                   without Organs."

                   The installation project is instigated by a scene from the movie
                   "Coma," in which a room full of bodies, involuntary donors of
                   their own organs, float, suspended in a state of perpetual coma.
                   In Multiple Dwelling, these suspended bodies, once comatose,
                   will be shocked to their senses through an overload of
                   audio-visual ephemera and complete technical breakdown.

                   The physical installation will be constructed of
                   industrial-minimalist structures, platforms for observation,
                   scanning and accumulation of bio-data, computers and
                   associated input and output devices. Software programs for the
                   sound and construction of the digital aspect of the installation
                   have been specifically designed for the project by Japanese
                   sound architect, Kondo and Marek Walzcak, a VRML architect.

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