Bodies INCorporated (2001)

by 25

One of the oldest projects. Construct your own body in virtual reality.

Full Description

Bodies INCorporated is an investigation into social psychology and group dynamics, actualized in corporate structure. It is a collaborative project on many levels, from the team of artists implementing it, to the actively participating audience attempting to gain shares in the body of work. At surface, Bodies INCorporated is a tongue-in-cheek commentary on some of the more obvious contradictions of corporate culture, particularly for those working with art and technology.

                At a deeper level, Bodies INCorporated addresses such issues as the
                legitimacy of cultural institutions as the only socially sanctioned site for
                display of art, and the ways in which structures of physical and ephemeral
                spaces effect our collectively embodied behaviour. From within computer
                networks we constantly project our selves, and play complicated identity
                survival games.

                Initially, the participant is invited to construct a virtual body out of predefined
                body-parts, textures, and sounds, and gain membership to the larger
                body-owner community. The main elements of the online site are three
                constructed environments (subsidiaries of Bodies
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