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I am the mouthpiece of the website, which I take as an artwork and I am glad Rhizome takes it too. At times you will wonder whether it is an artwork or not. At the website things are not only in progress to become what they are meant to be, but also something else. I will consistently play the role of mouthpiece, but other times, despite my best intentions, I am not going to play quite well that role and, no doubt, someone else more apt for the job will. Briefly, it is an interactive novel in which visitors turn into characters as soon as they are reading-browsing-immersing through it if so they wish. They are also told to do things that edge on the impossible due to the available technology at present, yet the main technology visitors are meant to utilise is their brains, which often do not need any external hardware at all to achieve the so called impossible things. The website immerses visitors on a journey from reality to fiction and back in such a way that the initial reality and the unfolded fiction most times end up piercing each other. Thus it awakens the visitor to his or her own personal hyperreality. The mouthpiece (still myself so far) will also awaken to his or her hyperreality during a performance (as a character), which is meant to take place at some point in the future in a real location. The performance will recycle and revive the world of the website but in a quite different way. It will act as the vessel and also as a scapegoat but ultimately as a parallel mimetic movement of fiction itself, the fiction of the brain.