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vitreous humour

Vitreous Humour is a project for the web that explores ideas around what it means to have an "artist's" vision. Do artists see beauty where others see the ordinary? Do they see the world more vividly? With more insight?

The site is home to a film which enables you to view a photo of myself as a new born baby through the eyes that I have now. Eyes deteriorate with age and like many peoples mine contain "floaters". These are shadows cast on the retina by tiny structures in the vitreous humour (the gel that fills the eye). The film shows how images appear to me through this film of "floaters".

Also on the website is a free downloadable program called the "Occulator" that enables you to view your own images as if through the eyes of an artist - my eyes.

Whether you images will be enhanced or degraded, I couldn't say!