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THEBIGEAR - An Imaginary Soundscape

Let's build an imaginary soundscape, by imagining to have such a powerful ear that it can perceive sounds coming from an endless acoustic horizon. The goal of THEBIGEAR is to build an imaginary (or virtual) soundscape, consisting of sounds that come from all over the world, from different ways of listening and from different listening locations, as if an unique big ear (with an unlimited acoustic horizon) perceived them.

Anyone can participate to the project. Using the appropriate form describe the sounds you are hearing in this moment in the place in which you are: sounds coming from the room where you are with your computer, or from your home, or from outside, from the city or the countryside.

THEBIGEAR is at the same time a literary and musical operation: the imaginary soundscape we create, will be described by all the contributions we will accumulate in an operation af collective and collaborative writing. At the same time, as soon as the soundscape will be composed, we'll try to reproduce its acoustic aspect.