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the Picasso ebook

the Picasso ebook celebrated Picasso's 120th birthday in 2001. I wanted to pay homage to this creative and inspiring artist especially as there was a lot of criticism of his work in 1999/2000, particularly after the biographic film was released. Can we not appreciate the artist's works and ignore the artists' character? or do we now always have to think politically before we can view a work of art??

Most new media projects are in my opinion very contextual and somewhat unaccessible to ordinary people. I wanted to create a project that most people could respond to. Promotion took the form of personal invitations to artists, magazine adverts and announcements on internet bulletin boards. The ebook presently shows over 100 images (still and moving) and text works (stories, poems) sent in from around the world both by artists who work with satirical images of Picasso's works and also anyone who wanted to participate. Images keep on coming so this site remains open indefinitely.