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The Journey

The Journey © EBnefsi Design

The Journey, is a 'site specific web site' and interactive installation developed by Nomadic collaborator Eileen Botsford. For the onsite version of the piece music is provided the band The Egg .

Viewing Instructions: >> each branch you choose is a different path in life (generally just move your mouse around, you'll get it) >> never press the back button, in life we only go forward, remember? and >> make sure you put the headphones on if you are experiencing it onsite at "Science and Art".

Thinking behind it:

"I sat and thought about all the different emotions and stages and paths and situations life offers us. And the only ones I could develop visually where the ones I knew in my own life.

So maybe this piece is biased. But I did look inside myself, and I did give all I could at this point at my life, for this situation.

I do believe that at some point, we all feel certain situations, it's just that we all feel them in different levels of intensity.

A tree, to me is The Journey. Each branch is a choice, path, situation, experience, emotion, you choose to take or feel in your life. In life we are only going forward. And so the branches you choose will only take you forward.

I see us as souls, which carry our body, our vehicle, through life, plunging it into feeling and sensing life.

Throughout this, I have found joy in misery and ultimate misery in joy. Understanding that emotions coexist and survive because of each other is a way of understanding the present.

Being present in time is rarely a conscious state. But when you do experience being present in the moment, all falls into place. In it's own way, in a way words will never express, it all makes sense. So through visuals, I have tried to express the feeling of being present, and engaging with that feeling fully, without judging the situation.

To me, this is my explanation of our Journey. Maybe tomorrow I will have another explanation. As long as I have the privilege to visualize it, then I consider myself a lucky person."

-Eileen Botsford