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Tired of flickring? Go Subvertr! Out Now!

Bored by mainstream media? Tired of boring social tags?

Subvertr is the UMSSP (Ultimate Massive Social Subvertizing Platform) from Les Liens Invisibles - imaginary art-group - leader in Web 2.0 Rich Internet artworks.

Enter the most fantasticulous collaborative community of Culture Jamming and discover our new services.


Don't let anyone else put the hands on your imaginary. Just subvertize and manage it by yourself: collect, detourn, alter and share it with other people like you!

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Share your pictures with your friends, family and everyone else. Your subvertized images are now visible to everyone.


Let your images finally be. Give'em a title, add any stupid notes and organize them into delirant subverTags: become part of an insignificant, collective, visionary escape from common sense.

Don't waste time! Become a real Subvertr one!!

Try it now!! Subvertr is FREE!

Get it at Subvertr wants to be a ludic reflection about overwhelming and overflowing images, it is based on the collaborative mechanics of the Net

The logos of our symbolic system, manipulated and controlled by an élite and not by the whole community, are defined by processes and choices based on marketing techniques and determined by the need to make profit. Symbols, or, as Barthes calls them, logotechnics, that derive from this logical process impose a one-way relationship with the imaginary sphere of every individual, whose only role becomes that of consuming the cultural element through the good/medium that conveys the message. The symbolic relations crystallize the chain of meaning that constitutes the base of the whole system.