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STICKYPHONE is a sound-toy to record and publish on-line audio messages. Every next message overwrites the previously stored one. Evry audio message has embeded ID3 information on it's author and date of creation. In contrast to the other messaging tools, here you have only one file which content is updateable from evryone.

The decission of making archive of an audio note is to the user if he decide to download the note via the link, or put's it into his local archive from the applciation itnerface from where he could later listen and mix different audio notes.

You could leave audio message and let others listen to it until it is overwrited by others. You could be responded or you could find your note bounced back if someone loads and adds it from his local archives.

You could use the POST tool not only for posting voice messages but also soundscapes or any other audio information you find interesting.

From you could listen to the last added publick Stickyphone Note.

To record your own audio note and post it to the base you need the executable tool you find in the POST section.