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Sound Blog

This project owes its motivation to my personal experience and a book I was recommended by my teacher. The book is called "LOVER'S DISCOURSE: FRAGMENTS" by Roland Barthes. This is the second version of my sound blog project.

The initial motivation was to build a blog site with sound. We are surrounded by constant flow of ambient sound. They stay behind as a backdrop of our daily lives. From time to time, some of those backdrop sounds come forward and thrust their existence into our consciousness. With these sound clips, I wanted to share segments of my daily life with unknown people on the net.

The second version carries the same method, but with a stronger thematic holder: love letters. I loved the romantic notes of Barthes, and personally became interested in understanding the appeal of love. While the first version didn't aim at any imaginary listener, the second one is dedicated to an imaginary lover. It could be boyfriend, mother, sister, brother, friend or just someone. It underlines the anonymous identities of lose connections on the net. We are connected, and yet strangers to each other, and vice versa.