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I started knitting screencozies because one day I found myself fed up with the materiality of the powerbooks' screen. I usually spend hours a day behind this machine and do range of different things on it, from video editing to writing code for interactive video installations. But even though the output on the screen ranges from different kinds of images and text, the actual feel of the screen never changes. It's an LCD-screen, period.

The convergence of media, which is an inherited quality of the computer, has become unappealing. It reminds me of processed food where if I eat alfredo sauce or tandoori chicken mix, I always feel like my taste buds are confined within the limits of the chemicals used to preserve the food and the conventions of an mass-produced taste of tandoori chicken or alfredo sauce. I came to conclusion that the normalization of the senses is the commonality between processed food and the computer screen. The screencozies are an attempt to protest this normalization.