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Roland Quagmire III Presents

"Roland Quagmire Presents" is an ongoing blogged series of avatar exhibitions existing solely in an interactive Cyberspace environment called "Roomancer". Canadian Media Artist, Jeremy Owen Turner is celebrating his newfound virtual wealth by re-incarnating as the avatar curator, Roland Quagmire III.

This German made freeware "Roomancer", is part and parcel of the MOOVE avatar community that was originally created to act as a personals/singles networking site.

Avatars are given a mansion where they can custom furnish and design their rooms.

As an aristocratic collector of virtual artifacts, Roland Quagmire III curates and collects artists from around the globe. Lord Quagmire is so virtually wealthy, he is able to give each artist a solo exhibition with their own furnished room.

Sometimes, Quagmire III gives into his cultivated sense of whimsy and folly by designing his own themed rooms inspired by either other (usually conceptual) artists and he even entertains his own fleeting ideas by immortalizing them in Cyberspace.

Lord Quagmire then uses in-world desktop-capturing software to record his tours around each exhibition and posts them on his blog. He has been exhibiting artists virtually since 2005. If new artists want to exhibit on Roland's site, they will need to provide an artist statement, CV and 10-15 jpeg images. You will need to email him directly at

This is an avatar curatorial blogsite. Roland Quagmire III is a virtual curator who exhibits international artists in a Cyberspace environment. The act of virtual curation is seen both as an art practice in itself and a regular curatorial practice. The freeware used was originally designed for chatting and dating - now it has been repurposed as art.