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The color green captured onto video and consequently inputted into a computer goes through a series of translation before it shows up on the LCD-screen. The once analogue image on a tape is dissected into pixels, described and consequently translated into an image on a screen by the various layers of programming language and hardware devices . Digital imaging technology is not a neutral process; each layer of data processing translates, for example, the color green through a filter of cultural, economical, and material properties, which partly determine the outcome of this color green. The evaluation of digital video is inseparable from the meaning of compression formats, from the semantics of programming languages and the construction of hardware devices. The R.g.b-project (RGB-colorspace is a colorspace commonly used by digital technology) is partly a research into the cultural and material proprieties imbedded in digital imaging technology and also a participatory art-project that uses these properties as a premises to create a media installation. Participants go on colorwalks through the city documenting these walks with a video camera. The resulting image and sound are filtered through a computer application, R.g.b-surveillance machine that portrays a dialogue between a personal interpretation of the colors red, green and blue and the imbedded color values of digital imaging technologies .