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Reypollo is a digital interactive product. When I first started Reypollo in late 1999, it didn't have a clear purpose. Three years later I can say, without being totally certain about it, that this product has three uses:

-Being an interactive product that provides entertainment, healthy diversion for the consumer. Since the profile of the consumer is widely unknown, it is very likely that this use will not be fulfilled in most cases.

-Self promotion in search of employment and collaboration with other people who are interested in developing this or any other kind of products.

-Being an introspective product for exploration, experimentation and recreation

Uses such as these are clearly out of place in the contemporary world of information-consumption. Efficacy and speed are emphasized for the sole purpose of insuring the relative ease of consumer consumption. This product works from an entirely different logic. It is not my intention to generate clear, easy-to-understand messages. In making this product, I want to encourage the consumer (read: user) to cease their vertiginous race towards I don't know where the hell, and relax, and be willing to give in to fun and leisurely experience of random elements based on a variety of loosly-defined topics.

Another product is currently being developed, and will be on the market in the next months. Don't miss it.