Really Real Estate'Ñ¢

Really Real Estate'Ñ¢ is a real estate venture bioneered by the League of Imaginary Scientists. With stickers, tape, and paper, the League unveils their timely solution to an ecologically damaged and overpopulated planet: a DIY kit for developing outer space and settling the sea. It's really real because fiction is realer than truth. The League's project includes a documentary and DIY intergalactic emigration kit.

The Back Story, or how a group of driven imaginary scientists became Really Real Estate'Ñ¢ agents:

In a research mission gone awry, League scientists found themselves somewhere in the Atlantic, between Bermuda, Miami, and the Lesser Antilles. Previously considered a triangle, imaginary scientists discovered that the area of mystery is actually rectangular - its shape altered as a result of climate change brought on by global warming. Because of the high stress and extreme conditions of their situation, infighting ensued, and the team members retreated into isolation. Equipped for underwater exploration, Dr. Stephan Schleidan opted to stay beneath the ocean'Äôs surface and gradually became grounded within the watery world. The remaining researchers studied the expansion of the Bermuda Rectangle, fearful that the shape would continue to grow and possibly morph into a pentagon. Sure enough, their studies indicate that global climate change is effectively pushing colder water from the north into the Bahamas, expanding the fourth corner at an alarming speed. Dubbed Danger Corner, the fourth corner will soon make landfall on the eastern coast of the United States. When this happens, planes will begin disappearing on runways. Radio signals will stop dead. People will be flipped in and out of the 4th dimension willy-nilly. Tiny eddies in the fabric of space-time will coil and uncoil, causing mass hysteria, at an estimated cost of 15 US dollars annually.

The solution is Really Real Estate'Ñ¢. The League of Imaginary Scientists offers humanity two options, Plan A and Plan B. A majority of League specialists advocates Plan A, galactic emigration. They consider relocation to be humanity'Äôs best bet for avoiding the tide of destruction. Like many other disenchanted global consumers, you may decide to enter the intergalactic market. You can select from any number of outer spaces, each boasting a stellar view, some even with planetary naming rights. If fearful of the unknown, you may choose to select Plan B, the venture proposed by Dr. Schleidan. The dissenting scientist believes mass exodus is not the only answer. Dr. Schleidan advocates embracing The Change through colonization of the sea. If you prefer to remain earthbound, there are plenty of prime really real estate plots on the floor of the ocean.