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Rant/ Rant Back/ Back Rant

Performance and sound sampling. Two performers sit across from one another ( GH & Sinclair) duration 30 minutes. You see them on the street. They talk to themselves and shout the news headlines. It's as if the media has taken over their minds and is flowing through them. They react with anger or astonishment. It's another way to frame or maybe it's de-frame reality. This piece is an experimental performance work. Peter Sinclair created a special interface to sample voice input, manipulate it and send it back into the genral audio mix in real time. GH projects the ramblings of a borderline schizoid personalty type who can't tell the difference between media news information, gossip and paranoid rumors. The piece is a techno driven word or poetry jam that resembles the ranting of a delusional street person. GH prepared the content by clipping news articles and posting them on a web in a blog.