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I am interested in myth, mythology, archetypes, reality and the relationes, which take place among them. In my pictures I am trying to get directly to the subconsciousness, making use of subthreshold reception of the form, I want to evoke interest in the substans. The substans, whose semantic field I determined in the realisation of 'Zlota Galaz' (The Golden Bough) in 1990.

'Z3ota Galaz' (The Golden Bough) is in a way quite a superficial comic strip on how myths begin and legends come into being. It includes numerous Egyptian, Sumerian and Babylonian motives.

'Zlota Galaz' (The Golden Bough) tells about the myth originating process. It shows how it happens that an individual experience becomes the description of reality.

This accomplishment is devoted to the Tree. The Tree, which-- thanks to magical procedures-- changes from an ordinary object into a subject of cult.

In the metaphorical stratum, I ilustrate the customary way of creating the religion according to all the obligatory rules. Rules, which were modified, the civilisation being developed; their purpose, however, has not been changed. No matter what the name of God, no matter where he comes from, the fabular elements always remain the some and unchangable. Each time young and beatiful, each time loved by the Great Godness, he is victim of a tragic and untimely death. The great loss brings up misery for the mournful world, in order to save which the God must resurect. Death and resurection, mourning and joy can be seen cleary as oppositions in all of the religions.

'Zlota Galaz' (The Golden Bough) project developed into 'Dwanascie Owoc