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What is this place?

As the creator, I am still not sure myself. Parallaxia is often about plucking artifacts from their real world context and redefining them in new environments of my creation. Although a few common themes may be unmistakable, some of these screens have deeper messages and some don't. Perhaps you have simply stumbled upon an oppotunity to manifest (and hence purge myself of) various visual ephemera bouncing about my mind.

I feel that a lot of contemporary art (net based and otherwise) struggles with issues of accessability. Parallaxia is chiefly about the simple visual enjoyment of these little spaces and not (necessarily) about sifting through esoteric allegories of theoretical notions concerning the post-human condition (or whatever).

This site will continue to grow as long as time and inspiration permits. I welcome all feedback.

If you are curious about who I am and what I do, please visit my personal website at Thanks for stopping by.

Dan Trachtman