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PANSE - Public Access Network Sound Engine

PANSE is an Mp3 streaming audio program with a tcp server running at port 6667 that allows for multi-user, realtime interaction. It consists of two 16 step sequencers, a monophonic synthesizer and an effects generator. Many of the sound parameters can be edited over any tcp connection, such as the speed of the sequencers and number of steps to be played by each, note values of each step can be changed as well as filters on the sounds. The monophonic synthesizer is playable via messages over tcp and also has a controlable filter and the effects generator is controlled in the same way. Access to the server is completely open. Anyone who wants can create an interface, in Flash for instance, to control the audio program. But that's not all PANSE does. It also streams out numerical values such as amplitude levels and midi note values. These numerical values can be used to control visuals in a Flash movie or Java applet or whatever else you can think of.