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Panoptico and its multiples supports the thesis that software and the intervention of space is a multi-form art.

This work transforms the the "Torre de los Vientos" (Tower of the Winds) narrative with the movement of a mouse. The circularity of the tower is similar to the panoptical dispositive conceived by Jeremy Bentham; the work is a system that situates the art observer in an isolator-controller role.

For this purpose, I've created an community of artificial life where the "art observer" can be introduced to new individuals, modify his or her own context and the profile attributes of some of the integrants, and then observe the results (aesthetics).

For "La Torre de los Vientos," I developed 2 variants of the software, the first one towards the east side and the other one towards the west side of the tower, that's why both external sides were documented and included as part of one piece. I also explore the narrative possibilities of software as a causal registration of the mind; it allows me to express the inclusive and transformative present more than the synthesized and static past.