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To defragment the "Origin of the World" with the following keywords: art, baby, beef, body, flower, head, monroe, sun (words used by the viewers of the Des Frags project); then to animate the mosaic: 72 images by the power of 8 in panoramic VR.

Panomrama is an online interface comprised of images derived from "The Origin of the World (L'Origine du Monde)." Each image refers to keywords (sun, monroe, head, flower, body, meat, baby, art, zorro, war, love, bottle) submitted by participants of Drouhin's other project, "des frags" ( There are 864 (8 X 9 X 12= 864) images possible in 72 panoramas for one to fragment or break up the origin of the world into vr (Om like "l'Origine du Monde"). Users are invited to 'recompose' the panOMrama by dragging on the images...