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The "Outskirt" project is a study of the private vs. the public body. I gather information using surveillance technologies similar to those utilized in capturing voyeuristic material known as "up-skirting". Voyeurism is a class C felony, however, there exists a loophole stating that the prosecution of "up-skirt" voyeurs is unconstitutional due to the confines of what determines private and public space. Because these images are taken in public places, the photographer cannot be tried under voyeur law. While this statement gives reasons why the project was developed (legislation/ social structures/ voyeurism), what became really compelling was that the video footage collected, as a result of my framing device (between my legs, gazing out from my skirt), had such a strong feminine presence. This device charges the piece, and the mundane surveillance footage, sexually. The aperture quivers open and shut, much like that of an orifice. And while the camera was on my body, an assumption is made that the camera was inside my body. This work reveals what it looks like, feels like, to be a woman in public space. At times, unavoidably vulnerable, unavoidably exposed.,