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OneSmallStep: a MySpace luvStory

We are not ourselves. We cut and paste as we are cut and pasted. We are the remix of images and sounds that never existed outside of this mediated dream. And we are happy to exist this way.

OneSmallStep: a Myspace LuvStory is an unfolding automated jam - a conscious sampling and randomized regurgitation of media artifacts common to "social networking" sites such as OneSmallStep provides a context for the exploration of identity, desire, fantasy and fetish in an eternally habitual loop of voyeuristic consumption, spectacular regurgitation, virtual intimacy and identity production/consumption.

With each launch, OneSmallStep runs continuously while randomly remixing content from a database that is periodically updated. OneSmallStep is a a non-clickable work and ideal for installation or performance settings.

Important Technical Notes:

Browser preferences must be set to accept pop-up windows.

Browser must have Flash player (7 or later) installed.

System speaker Volume up.

High-speed connection preferred.

OneSmallStep: a MySpace LuvStory is a project developed for Concept Trucking, an exhibition venue maintained by LeisureArts that uses MySpace as its platform. It hosts work that critiques, mimics, or otherwise utilizes the structural logic of social networking sites and other Web 2.0 phenomena.