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a kaleidoscopic mindscape

The extreme consequences of the history of German industrialization, nationalism and territorial politics is manifested in the town Fuerstenberg-Ravensbrueck. The conflict between political, economic and social interests have made it a model case of dealing with individual and collective questions of local, political and moral identity.

The project off<area> can be understood as a model that reconstructs the process of approaching a complex and contradictory identity of a symptomatic place. The attitude of the project's offer for an individual approach towards the context of a place follows our personal comprehension of "knowledge" as a nonlinear, optional process with the aim to achieve the "realization" of contexts by the dynamics of "discovery".

We shaped this approach as fluid "patterns of cognition" which vary with the extent of their related sources in their perspective, substance and quality of information. The kaleidoscopic interface currently refers to about 400 fragments: quotes, interviews, excerpts, photos, maps and panoramas of key locations that supply a first glance on this area.