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Mutual Assured Deconstruction

Mutual Assured Deconstruction was exhibited at the Victoria Myhren Gallery in Denver, Colorado USA from November 9th to November 14th, 2001. This installation used sound, text and reactive co-composition to create a unique "place" that allowed virtual and actual spaces to interpenetrate.

During the installation, 10 musicians were placed throughout the gallery. Each musician was given a sheet of 24 leitmotivs. Each leitmotiv was designated to be played in response to a specific action of the proximate or remote participants. Remote participants could hear the sounds of the space, and could choose the point within the space where they wanted to place themselves. Both remote and proximate participants were encouraged to engage in a synchronous on-line chat with other participants. Proximate participants were free to move around, speak, dance, or otherwise become involved in the activities. Chat dialog and movements triggered the response of the musicians, and determined the outcome of the work.

This documentary site simulates what a remote participant would have heard during the event.

Through reactive co-composition, the creation of a unique somatic/virtual space, the context of which encourages a socio-musical dialog between performers, remote and proximate participants, Mutual Assured Deconstruction becomes a unique place and set of rituals that reflects our contemporary society