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MSN history visualization 2.0

MSN chat service attracts monthly up to 100 million of users around the world. It offers an instantaneous and free chat service, besides offering the option to store textual conversations between people.

This project is based on those textual conversations that are automatically stored in xml files. It reads them and makes an interactive visualization of that data. It displays the timeline of several conversations simultaneously (up to 10); makes comparison between them and it tries to answer the following questions:

1- How many words do I use in each utterance?

2- Which are the words that I use at the most?

It has been thought to be downloaded and used by anyone so that people, who use MSN chat service, can check their own results.

This project was initiated during the first "Digital Information Design Camp" DID Camp 2005, an on-line course organized by MIT and AIGA, and its original idea (v.1.0) counted with Ben Fry and John Maeda's supervision. It open source and has been done using Processing.

It has been posted in more than 60 websites and blogs and exhibited in two Spanish artistic events: Maquinarte 2006 and Artechmedia 2006.