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Mother's 45s Revisited

Chambers revisits his Mother's 45s project through appropriation of several of the photo/record-assemblage images by utilizing tiling/slide show for one and the addition of word art - song names - for the others. The tiling/slide show approach affirms remembrance/commemoration as a result of significant loss [in the physical sense], and the word art through song titles and the informal term, mom affirm the relationship between a son [Chambers] and his mother.

As you click on the images, small windows come up as a play on sampling when all five windows are on the screen. The simultaneity of movement from left to right and right to left [Kinetic Art] and the words play on and complement each other as well as their colors for contrast. The interspersion of the informal term, mom with the song titles not only indicates a woman's pleasure concerns, but also a son's [Chambers'] lament and longing for his mother.