Year created:


Work Credits:

Emily Conrad


MotherNode is a sculptural an antenna that emits

a wireless signal (802.11g) that

can be installed in any public area.

The intent is to create a limited community

of people using wifi within a

small, single network. But in this network,

bandwidth, much like other

physical resources, can be

depleted if used in excess. If

one of the members uses too

much bandwidth in relation to the others,

she is promptly kicked off the network.

The light on top of the sculpture is a physical manifestation

of how much data is being transferred

through the network every few seconds,

and therefore how much bandwidth

is currently available. Blue represents

little data and much bandwidth available

across the network. Green and yellow

are midrange, respectively. When the

light turns red, a member has been kicked off

and someone else is allowed on.

Exhibited in part May 11th and 12th, 2004

at the Interactive Telecommunications Program

Spring Show at New York University.