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Memoirs is an interactive animated web work reflecting the myriad of choices that artists face in constructing visual works. By reversing the usual use of java-scripted roll-overs, Memoirs promotes the playful exploration of shifting imagery to the primary work, and relegates the static images to the status of links.

This is a work which invites the viewer to experience the many choices and variations that are a part of composing any complex image. I am interested in the possibility of creating web works which go past the usual level of interactivity, and take the viewer into the realm of the undefinable and personal aesthetic experience, where the viewing experience evokes unique memories and associations. Still images can profoundly engage the viewer by presenting morsels of information and juxtaposing them against fully defined elements, and then inviting the viewer to go back in forth following visual links of color and/or similarity in form to enter into the thoughts and the experiences of the artist in a way which allows the viewer to claim these as personal. The trick here is for the viewer to understand the choices that the artist felt in making the work, and to experience the thrill of seeing many different images emerge out of the same source materials.

The imagery is derived from my travels to sites which carry the vestiges of past lives, those special places where the visitor senses history and continuity beyond one's own life.