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Mejor Vida Corporation

The project Mejor Vida Corp. takes the structure of a corporation. It's divided in products, services, campaigns, etc. it has its own web site and office. Since the beginning of my career I have used electronic media to produce installations, video and photography works for galleries and museums. I have always been interested in social issues but that was not reflected in the work. MVC is the place where this interest and my practice as an artist are fussed.

The gallery and the museum are cultural institutions with their own politics as well, and you can always try to use and interfere their structures. I work with the museums because it means you will target an specific audience. I feel Mejor Vida Corp. is a parasite project that uses the museum because of its production facilities and public presence, so far that's one way the corporation can be massive, in that sense the net has been a very powerful communication tool.

I tend to work more with technicians, with engineers, sociologists, than with other artists. For me it's very strange that in Mexico there are not so many projects in this direction, Mexico is a socially intense country.