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Looking for the new universal harmony

Looking for the new universal harmony offers interaction based on network identity, in other words, IP numbers. Users are categorized based on their IP numbers and these categories control what part of the work they are able to interact with. It's a multi-user environment so, you might find yourself interacting with someone from another group or just by yourself. The interaction involves an audio-based interface but at the same time as users interact with the audio, they are creating an abstract image.

I'm basically experimenting with the idea of using sound-based interfaces and multi-user interaction to create abstract imagery that is not random yet not exactly uniform or planned either. In turn, the abstract image, instead of being emotionally charged or perceptively challenging as much abstract art is, is entirely meaningless but borrows from the inherent aesthetically abstract nature of music. Which seems to be an aesthetic more easily understood or accepted by people than the aesthetics of abstract imagery.